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Following the independent success of the 1rst CD, Ultralust would like to thank fans with the 2nd CD "HERO" and the release of the Video's "HERO", &  "Wake me". Because with out you (the fans) this record would not be possible!  

"Hero" Reflects the social issues facing us today and Des speaks his mind regarding the state of the world. Listen to the lyrics on "Hero", "Wake me" or "What are we fighting for" to know he feels the pain .

This is a record born of the times we are enduring and the call to social awareness. Still... its not all serious .  Ultralust shows  their softer side with tracks like "My love" and "Save me". In the past described by a reviewer as U2, and The Verves, bastard child, This Child has grown up. "Hero" CD has already received rave reviews. (CW ROSS gave it an 8.75 out of 10 and comments ; Ultralust puts out music that moves you while also getting your mind thinking about the world that we live in and the need for all of us to work together to make it a better place for everyone. Muzik review made it pick of the month, Among other reviewers, who gave it a must buy review.



We send you  CD via download !





We send you  CD via download !


The Ultralust debut self titled CD released in 2004 came out with a blast ! this impressive collection  includes fan favorites "Dance lil sista" , Missing you, Shelter me and Beautiful you.  Ultralust's songs "Beautiful you" and "Speed" were both used in the Major motion picture "Remedy. In addition tracks were used on various TV and commercials.

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